2nd Pacific Rim Cancer Biostatistics Workshop

Program (as of Oct. 3)



Opening Remarks

Shigeyuki Matsui (Nagoya University, Japan)
John Crowley (Cancer Research And Biostatistics, USA)


Keynote Address

Masanori Fukushima (Translational Research Informatics Center, Japan)


Session-1: Design of Phase I Trials
Chairs: Masataka Taguri (Yokohama City University) & Akihiro Hirakawa (University of Tokyo)

NOC: Nonparametric Overdose Control for Dose Finding.
Guosheng Yin (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Phase 1 Clinical Trial Design using Fiducial Inference: Fiducial Toxicity Interval (FTI) Design.
Byung Sung Park (Oregon Health & Science University, USA)

From 3+3 to mTPI: A Collaborative Biostatistician's Experience in a Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Tatsuki Koyama (Vanderbilt University, USA)

10:50-11:10 Break

Session-2: Early-Phase Combination Trials
Chairs: Guosheng Yin (University of Hong Kong) & Tatsuki Koyama (Vanderbilt University)

Two-Stage Approach Based on Zone and Dose Findings for Two-Agent Combination Phase I/II Trials.
Akihiro Hirakawa (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

What is the Best Drug Combination for a Patient? Identifying Synergistic Drug Combinations using Ex-Vivo Kinase Inhibitor Screen.
Motomi Mori (Oregon Health & Science University, USA)

12:00-13:30 Lunch

Session-3: Statistical Challenges in Immunotherapy Trials
Chairs: Mary Redman (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center) & Kenichi Yoshimura (Kanazawa University)

Statistical Considerations for Immunotherapy Trials in Cancer.
Sumithra Mandrekar (Mayo Clinic, USA)

Statistical Considerations in Immuno-oncology Single Arm Trials.
Aya Kuchiba (National Cancer Center, Japan)

14:25-14:40 Break

Session-4: Cancer Registry
Chairs: Seiichiro Yamamoto (National Cancer Center) & Hadrien Charvat (National Cancer Center)

The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer Staging Project: History, Classification and Validation.
Kari Chansky (Cancer Research And Biostatistics, USA)

Trends in Socio-Economic Inequalities in Cancer Outcome in Japan.
Yuri Ito (Osaka International Cancer Institute, Japan)

Doubly Robust Estimator for Relative Survival in Analyzing Cancer Registry Data.
Sho Komukai (Saga University, Japan)

16:00-16:15 Break

Session-5: Prognostic Analysis
Chairs: Atsushi Kawaguchi (Saga University) & Yen-Tsung Huang (Academia Sinica)

Practical Methods for Utilization of Biomarkers to Assess Cancer Prognosis
Heidi Weiss (Markey Cancer Center, University of Kentucky, USA)

Prediction of Rapid Disease Progression in Multiple Myeloma Based on Genetic and Clinical Factors.
Pingping Qu (Cancer Research And Biostatistics, USA)

Personalized Prediction of Overall Survival Utilizing Gene Expressions: Approaches Based on the Compound Covariate and a Joint Model.
Takeshi Emura (National Central University, Taiwan)


Special Remarks

Yasuo Ohashi (Chuo University, Japan)

18:00-20:00 Dinner



Opening Remarks

Haruhiko Fukuda (National Cancer Center, Japan)


Session-6: Analysis of Clinical Trial/Biomarker Data
Charis: Heidi Weiss (University of Kentucky) & Satoshi Hattori (Osaka University)

United Milestone Survival Analysis in Single-Arm Trials.
Isao Yokota (Koto Prefectural University, Japan)

Follow The Evidence: The Likelihood Ratio and the Single Arm Phase II Clinical Trial
Gregory Ayers (Vanderbilt University, USA)

Statistical Inference Based on the Bootstrap Method under Covariate Adaptive Randomization.
Masataka Taguri (Yokohama City University, Japan)

Transformation Cure Models for Enrichment Design in Targeted Clinical Trials.
Chen-Hsin Chen (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

10:05-10:20 Break

Session-7: Analysis of Molecular Data
Charis: Masaaki Matsuura (Teikyo University) & Chen-Hsin Chen (Academia Sinica)

iGWAS: A Novel Approach to Discover Genotype-Based Gene Signature of Glioma Risk.
Yen-Tsung Huang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

Explaining Cancer Type Specific Mutations with Transcriptomic and Epigenomic Features in Normal Tissues.
Chen-Hsiang Yeang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

Functional Data Classification using Subspace Projection with Application to Mass Spectrometry Data.
Pai-Ling Li (Tamkang University, Taiwan)

11:20-11:30 Break

Session-8: Adventures in Platform/Umbrella Trials
Chairs: Sumithra Mandrekar (Mayo Clinic) & Taro Shibata (National Cancer Center)

Lung-MAP: Trials and Tribulations of Designing and Implementing a Multi-Site Umbrella Trial.
Mary Redman (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA)

Nationwide Genomic Screening, Small Clinical Trials, and Registry for NDAs: Past and Future Directions in SCRUM-Japan Project.
Shogo Nomura (National Cancer Center, Japan)

Biomarker Driven Platform Trials: Considerations and a Trial Example.
Byung-Ho Nam (HERINGS, The Institute of Advanced Clinical and Biomedical Research, Republic of Korea)


Closing Remarks

Motomi Mori (Oregon Health & Science University, USA)